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Posted By admin on 11/25/11 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


This guy knows a good pussy cleft when he sees one. His blonde girlfriend’s panties got sucked right into her Cleft of Venus letting him know there was a treasure awaiting his discovery!

She teased him with her rock hard body and showed him her perky young boobies. It didn’t shock her one bit when her boyfriends shorts grew right next to his zipper. She knew she had him in her little web.

Even through her panties he could feel how warm her inner most secrets were. He wanted to taste her. Did she taste like sugar and spice? Would he even like the taste of her pussy? He resolved to go ahead with his plan anyway. If she wasn’t to his liking, he’d play along and hope that she’d do the same!

His finger was making her clit feel really good. Sure, she knew how to push that button better, but it sure felt different, in a good way, when somebody else was at the controls.


As he’d hoped, she moved up towards his head and then lowered herself down, her pussy only inches away from his face. He could smell her scent. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. So many things danced inside his head. He kissed her inner thigh.

Her pussy juice soaked the crotch of her panties to the bone. She hoped he would enjoy her scent. Then she felt his mouth sucking and tonguing the insides of her thighs. She wondered how that sensation would feel on her clit!


To his amazement she engaged his tongue with her pussy. Her panties were still covering her vaginal hole, but he poked and prodded with his tongue anyway. He was really beginning to like the taste!

With her panties being so slick with her juices and her boyfriends saliva, this girl could swear it felt like he was skin on skin, tonguing her clit! She couldn’t take not knowing for sure and pulled her panties over to feel that high level of contact.

The contact shot a bolt of lightning through her entire body. This caused her diaphragm to flex and push a yelp out of her. He hoped she wouldn’t ask him to stop.

She hoped he wouldn’t misinterpret her yelp and, being the gentleman that he was, stop licking her pussy. To bolster his confidence in her desire to continue she put her hands behind his head and pulled his face further into her crotch.

Assured of her commitment and wanted to reassure her as well, he grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands and thrust his tongue deep inside her cunny, slurping up any and all juices he encountered.

As her orgasmic energies grew she bucked her hips in order to created more intense contact with his ever twitching tongue. She arched her back and groped at her own boobs as her lust short circuited her central nervous system. After several moans and a handful of slow methodical hip thrusts she collapsed in a heap of nubile beauty.

He lay there realizing her energy was sapped. He couldn’t believe it. His tongue lashing was so intense it had knocked her out! Knowing she’d probably want to fuck him before the sun set that evening, he decided to finish himself off into her already soaked panties.

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