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Posted By Admin on 03/12/23 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Here’s your opportunity to join a classy site that celebrates the beauty of a woman’s body. It’s the perfect kind of site to introduce a bit of spice to your significant other. These are girls of natural beauty so you’ll find them fresh-faced girls with all-natural boobs. There are very few tattoos and piercings too. The settings are carefully chosen to enhance the beauty of the scene. There are meadows and out in the snow, on the gorgeous beach, and many other fabulous settings. Join the site today and you can save 73% with a discount to Domai.com

Memberships are going to give you tons of high-end photographs. There are thousands of photo galleries that are filled with high-res still images. Photography is the focus of the site so you’re not getting any videos. You won’t feel like you’re missing anything when you see how phenomenal these albums are. You can download the images using zip files or the site has a hands-free slideshow feature you can use. There are regular updates made bringing you fresh talent all the time.

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Posted By admin on 09/25/19 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

If there is one thing I love in all of the world it is to fuck my wife from behind. She often wears little or nothing to bed and prefers to sleep on her stomach with a leg kicked up like Susana C from Metart above. Seeing her Cleft of Venus pussy smiling at me makes it damn hard not to sink my cock into her cute little vagina. Sure, she whimpers a little and tries to get away, but I ask her nicely to let me stay, it feels soooo gooood – and she relents and often gets up on her knees so I can go balls deep in her tiny crack of a pussy.

Unfortunately for me, my wife recently decided to get a job. Not because she needs to, but because she wants to give back to society. Ugh! So now I have a ton of free time for two days out of the week. She watches after an old lady for 48 hours straight. To pass the time I often load up on Metart pussy because they have a ton of cleft of Venus pussy to look at. I’d say this site has way more of them than any other glamour model site.

Right now you can get 88% off with a Metart discount with full access to the entire site. Nobody likes paying full price and this deal means you don’t have to. Plus, when my old lady asks what I’m doing I just say, “I’m just finding ways to save us money, babe.” Yeah, kind of a dick-move but I also think of the girls as being my wife. If my wife would let me take a photo like this of her pussy I wouldn’t have to join sites like Met-Art.com. But, she doesn’t so I do!

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Posted By Admin on 01/14/19 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

MetArt has long been known as the premier source of hot erotic porn featuring the sexiest models online. This site’s impeccable quality permeates every aspect of their product. From the hottest models on the planet to stunning video quality and crystal clear photography, everything here is top-notch.

Now you can use this 87% off discount to Met Art, and get all of the hot and high-quality porn videos that you crave and desire. There is no need to settle for anything less than your ultimate dream girl when you have access to the stunning beauties found here. There is no need to settle for sub par video quality that features fuzzy clarity, bad editing, horrible lighting, and other flaws. Not when you have cinema quality porn that feels more like art than smut right here. And no one should ever settle for photos that are out of focus or annoyingly mediocre when there are world renowned photographers who are providing the best quality photography right here.

The best thing about all of this is that when you use our discount you get all of this porn that is fit for a king for a price that makes it accessible even by the paupers.


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Posted By Admin on 09/19/18 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

This babe is one of the hottest Met Art Models, say hello to the Niemira A, her galleries are a gold mine and you will enjoy for sure. Her magnificent natural boobs always come to the center stage and she is always ready to show them.

Met Art Girls is the place where you can find the best collection of beautiful babes and nude models like Niemira with no doubt. When you see her you will stay speechless, she is burning hot, she is adorable and she definitely knows how to express and show off her body of a goddess. Niemira simply craves to play with your mind, She definitely knows how to pose and shows off her well-endowed ass and fantastic breasts we mentioned.

Niemira has the perfect figure, when she takes off her panties and presents her perfectly shaped ass and tasty pussy, you will be eager for more of Niemira A Nude at Metart, imagining that it’s your eager fingers at play on her smooth skin.

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Posted By Admin on 11/26/17 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

The girls have perfect pussies here too; if they didn’t, we wouldn’t bother telling you about it. Here’s where you can get a 80% off discount to Met-Art and you’ll gain access to 1,350 videos and thousands upon thousands of sexy pictures. Some feature girls masturbating, having sex with each other or just posing. No matter what the girls are doing the movies always capture everything in extreme detail in a very artistic way.

MetArt has built its reputation on providing the world with extremely detailed pics of nude girls. They were one of the first companies to offer such high resolution photos. The company is well known for finding the hottest girls and pairing them with the most competent photographers. You will find a large variety of females here, all on the younger and thinner side of things. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, ethnic girls; you’ll enjoy them all. Only the best are chosen with the most perfect pussies. Have a look around for yourself and grab this hot deal today on artistic erotica!

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Posted By Admin on 02/12/16 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


I don’t mind joining a site if I know the content is going to be the best possible. I don’t need to worry about that side of things, not with Metart. With up to 50 megapixels in the photos they’re only ever going to be crystal clear. The babes here are by far some of the best all natural girls from all over the world. I’ve only checked out a handful of girls so far, but I can tell you each one of these was an absolute stunner.

DiscountPorn.Club has some stellar deals on all the best porn site, I always make sure to pay them a visit before I join up to any adult site. Now I know you guys are looking for a killer deal to join Metart, so lets not keep you waiting any longer. Go and take a look at the 80% off discount to Met-Art.com and tell me that hot discount doesn’t get your heart racing. Join up now and get instant access to all the beauties that you can handle and all for one low price..

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Posted By Admin on 01/14/16 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


If anything gets me excited its seeing a girl with a smooth shaved pussy, so lucky for me the guys at ALS Scan have loads of completely clean pussies. They used to mainly have girl/girl content on the site, now however you can get guy/girl content as well, so you get the best of both worlds. There are well over 2,000 videos on the site and many of them are in full HD 1080p. Looking at the picture sets my first impression was omg! The 3000×2000 photos are outstanding, you can also download them in zip files as well.

So now it comes down to this, can you take the challenge of getting your own all ladies shaved scan discount? If you’ve said yes your well on your way to discovering the best shaved pussy girls. Once inside the members area take your time to look around, there are no download limits at all, so if that full length HD video looks awesome, download it and watch it anytime you feel like it! .

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Posted By admin on 11/28/15 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

cleft of Venus

Usually when you see that something is discounted it means it is going stale, but that is certainly not the case here. That wonderful cleft of Venus pussy belongs to Miela A from Met-Art and she is definitely not old enough to be stale. I bet it tastes like honey!

Miela is as happy to show off her pussy as I am to tell you about an exciting deal I came across on Met-Art.com. I found the deal on Discount Porn Club, a site dedicated to saving you money when you buy porn memberships. In this deal they are giving you a discount of 80% off to Met-Art.com.

The deal includes all past updates and all future ones. Met-Art has been around since 1999! You have a lot of porn to pick through and I have to say, it is as if they have a direct line to whomever it is that makes babes with cleft of Venus pussy available. If you like girls with little slits this place is the best spot to find them!

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Posted By admin on 09/25/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Amazing smooth cleft of Venus

Now that is one exceptionally nice cleft of Venus right there. I was on the Met-Art site and I couldn’t resist this girls hairless pussy. I also like her eraser nipples. Very nice for biting!

While in high school I dated a girl with a perfect cleft of Venus. She was a punker and she liked to wear skirts with no panties. She would flash me her sexy beaver between classes. I had to carry my books in front of me to hide my hardon. She was the first girl I ever knew of that shaved her entire pussy completely bare.

cleft of Venus face sitting, smothering

Ever since then I got hooked on chicks with puffy outer lips and no inner lips to speak of. I would try to get with a girl as quickly as I could so I could see if she had what I wanted between her legs. If not I promptly broke up with her. I think I was one of the only guys in my school that actually broke up with girls!

Enjoy the pussy shots and I will post more later.

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Posted By admin on 07/08/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Chantelle A Met-Art gallery on PornTips.com

Imagine for a second that you could zoom in on that cleft of Venus that Chantelle A. is sporting and it would still be crystal clear when it takes up your entire computer monitor, over even your big screen television in the living room. That is how detailed the high resolution photos at Met-Art can be.

Reading the Met-Art review on Porn Tips it isn’t hard to see why they gave it a 95.6 score. Porn Tips has to be the most discerning porn review site I know of. They don’t hand out high rankings for favors like you find on some of the other review sites out there. To get a score over 89 you really have to earn it here.

Met-Art.com earned their score by using world class photographers and by listening to those photographers when they told them to only hire the hottest models they could find. You won’t see one girl on the site that isn’t worthy of a few tables spoons of your man-juice.

On top of having high quality content they have all of their content packaged in ways to make it easier for you to view it. You will find videos encoded in Windows Movie format, MPEG1, PSP, QuickTime and MPEG4. There isn’t a video playback device out there that cannot play these movies. You can even watch them on your smart phone!

Enough about the videos. What about the pictures? They are shot in 5000+ pixels. You can zoom way the fuck in on these things and still have a crystal clear picture.

No other site keeps an update schedule like Met-Art does. You can expect anywhere from 4 to 6 updates each day of the week. According to Alexa Met-Art.com is one of the top five porn subscription sites on the Internet. It would be easier to count the number of people that are not members of the site than it would be to count those that are. Why aren’t you a member yet?

Hey, I am all for bucking the system and being a lone ranger, but seriously! Go check out the Met-Art review and then come back and tell me I am wrong here. Or, just enjoy the porn and never see me again!

Posted By admin on 06/17/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Miela A Cleft of Venus from the Solis gallery

When I find a Cleft of Venus like this one I get a special feeling in my loins. It is more than just being horny. It is also the feeling of finding something truly amazing. There are not many girls out there that can rock a Cleft of Venus while sitting spread eagle like Miela A can. She is a wonder of nature.

On Elitebabes.com you will find gallery after gallery of this girls natural beauty. While she is pleasing to the eyes, Miela A Metart is also pleasing to the mind. You can sense that she is a fun one. The kind of girl that likes to play tag and flirt all day long. This is the girl you take to the county fair and pretend you are young all over again.

Miela has larger than average breasts that would hang perfectly into your mouth while she grinds her pussy into your cock. Her face has some light freckles that make her look like a dead ringer for the rays of the sun.

Finding good galleries of babes like her is getting harder and harder these days. It seems like Google recently made finding good porn harder than hell. The Errotica Archives can help you find the hottest babes and you don’t need to use a search engine to find them. All you need is a device with a browser. You can even surf the sight on your iPad or Android tablet!

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