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Posted By Admin on 03/06/21 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Today was a day where I was feeling the moment and I wanted it to be mine no matter what it took. I had a plan of action and although it wasn’t the best plan of my life I felt it was worth a shot. I did have a buddy trying to get me to read more here but for the moment I was happy enough to go my own way.

This was one of those occasions where your gut instinct turns out to be right on the money. It took no time at all to find some seriously tight pussy and now I was living the dream in the sexiest possible way. This girl had it all going on and best of all she wasn’t keeping it to herself.

She was expressing it on camera and I was loving the sweet moments that she was giving. At this point you know there’s no stopping you and you wouldn’t be happy if there was. You have managed to go the distance and all you care about now is making the moment your own. This is where you show that cleft of venus just how much of a real man you are by making it beg for more!

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