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Posted By admin on 10/16/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


is there anything better than a backside cleft of Venus. Sure, there are many girls out there with tacos and cherries that can pull off a cleft of Venus from the front with closed thighs, but the backside? A girl must have an exceptional cleft to pull that one off!

So the backstory to Cassidy Cole. The newest solo model to hit the net.

Cassidy was not supposed to be a solo model. She had no aspirations of being one. She just happened to be getting off of a plane in Toronto at the same time as a Los Angeles based photographer who was headed to Canada to shoot footage of a girl that was set to be the newest solo model.

That main girl fell through letting the photographer know while the plane was in the air. He met Cassidy while looking for a cab to his hotel. As it turned out she was going to the same hotel. A conversation ensued. Somehow he talked her into some test shots. He put them up on GFY.com asking if anybody thought she was hot.

Turns out she was hot. Not just that, she was phenomenal. Guys were gushing about her beautiful cleft of Venus. They loved her Mid-Western looks. Her body was smoking hot. She enjoyed getting naked for the camera and it showed. She was a natural.

And there you go. Now go have some fun looking at her sweet camel toe pics in the members area!

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