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Playboy Cleft of Venus Pussy

You have to give it up for those folks down at the Playboy mansion. They work hard to keep us from seeing their centerfold’s pussies. Back in my day they usually did this by using a tuft of pubic hair. Even before that they made sure NOT to show pubic hair at all. Well, that little fad has come back into play, but with a twist. Now there is no public hair, but the photos reveal a lot more. Unless those mofos at the mansion conveniently place a Playboy logo in the fucking way of a sweet cleft of Venus shot!

You have won this match, Playboy!

Right now you can find lots of Cleft of Venus pussy on the Playboy models with your subscription to Playboy TV. Grab the deal here. Then find some lube and a warm towel. It is going to be a long night.

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