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Over and over again I see a lot of sites with models who have a sweet cleft of Venus, but are very expensive to talk to the girls. This would seem normal since you don’t see girls with such a sweet looking cleft often. Supply and demand. That is all changing now though. These days you can watch the girls for free!

Finding such girls used to be hard. The reason being is that you could skim the RSS feed for popular girls and find nude girls all over the place, but finding girls with a cleft of Venus could be a lot more difficult and time consuming.

To make it easier I developed this free camsex site. It is called Mega Cams and it shows you to girls nude photos before you enter her chat room that way you can see if she is smooth and sexy.

Use my site for all of your live women sex needs. I have broken the feeds down into hair color, body types, nationalities and more. With my system you will save a lot of cash and get to see a lot more sexy cleft of Venus babes!

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Amazing smooth cleft of Venus

Now that is one exceptionally nice cleft of Venus right there. I was on the Met-Art site and I couldn’t resist this girls hairless pussy. I also like her eraser nipples. Very nice for biting!

While in high school I dated a girl with a perfect cleft of Venus. She was a punker and she liked to wear skirts with no panties. She would flash me her sexy beaver between classes. I had to carry my books in front of me to hide my hardon. She was the first girl I ever knew of that shaved her entire pussy completely bare.

cleft of Venus face sitting, smothering

Ever since then I got hooked on chicks with puffy outer lips and no inner lips to speak of. I would try to get with a girl as quickly as I could so I could see if she had what I wanted between her legs. If not I promptly broke up with her. I think I was one of the only guys in my school that actually broke up with girls!

Enjoy the pussy shots and I will post more later.

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