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Posted By admin on 08/05/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Paris Marie in Brand New Faces 24

When it comes to cleft of Venus pussy you can’t get much better than Paris Marie. Her scene in Brand New Faces 24 shows off how tight her sext little vagina is. Most porn stars have pussies that look pretty banged up. Her pussy looks divine and ready for a tongue lashing.

Start your week off right by streaming Elegant Angel videos on FyreTV. This unique service allows you to store your porn in the cloud. This way you can access it from anywhere by using a set top box like the Roku or Apple TV, or by using your cell phone, laptop or computer. No more massive piles of porn DVDs lying around the house.

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Posted By admin on 07/14/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Super sexy extreme camel toe with red leggins binding her pussy cleft


Talk about binding a girls cleft of Venus. Do you want to know what the crazy thing is? There are scores of girls out there walking around with their leggings like this. Not because of some horrible accident, but because they want you to look!

This kind of extreme camel toe has moved from a fad into the norm. Hell, I remember when girls used to avoid having this happen like the plague. Now they look forward to it happening to them. Recently I dated a girl that told me she is so used to it now that she feels "naked" when she doesn’t have her panties binding into her pussy cleft.

My how things have changed!

For the better might I add!

Get more camel toe movies on the best streaming tube site where Redtube porn is allows to multiply naturally. You never know what kind of porn you will find day to day. It is what makes this site so fucking exciting.

Posted By admin on 07/09/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


This photo is more than just porn. It is a work of art. Catie Minx has a camel toe cleft of Venus going on that is worthy of a few gallons of sperm. If I could produce that much in one shot-load I would. She really is that fucking hot!

Catie is not like the other girls. She never has been. While they were all worried about their looks and their image Catie grew up a nerd. It has only been recently that she could even be considered hot. Not long ago she was still a dork. She still acts like a dork. It is what you will come to love about her videos.

Catie is very active on her site and updates several times a week. Give her a money shot right on that little pooter of hers!

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Posted By admin on 07/08/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Chantelle A Met-Art gallery on PornTips.com

Imagine for a second that you could zoom in on that cleft of Venus that Chantelle A. is sporting and it would still be crystal clear when it takes up your entire computer monitor, over even your big screen television in the living room. That is how detailed the high resolution photos at Met-Art can be.

Reading the Met-Art review on Porn Tips it isn’t hard to see why they gave it a 95.6 score. Porn Tips has to be the most discerning porn review site I know of. They don’t hand out high rankings for favors like you find on some of the other review sites out there. To get a score over 89 you really have to earn it here.

Met-Art.com earned their score by using world class photographers and by listening to those photographers when they told them to only hire the hottest models they could find. You won’t see one girl on the site that isn’t worthy of a few tables spoons of your man-juice.

On top of having high quality content they have all of their content packaged in ways to make it easier for you to view it. You will find videos encoded in Windows Movie format, MPEG1, PSP, QuickTime and MPEG4. There isn’t a video playback device out there that cannot play these movies. You can even watch them on your smart phone!

Enough about the videos. What about the pictures? They are shot in 5000+ pixels. You can zoom way the fuck in on these things and still have a crystal clear picture.

No other site keeps an update schedule like Met-Art does. You can expect anywhere from 4 to 6 updates each day of the week. According to Alexa Met-Art.com is one of the top five porn subscription sites on the Internet. It would be easier to count the number of people that are not members of the site than it would be to count those that are. Why aren’t you a member yet?

Hey, I am all for bucking the system and being a lone ranger, but seriously! Go check out the Met-Art review and then come back and tell me I am wrong here. Or, just enjoy the porn and never see me again!

Posted By admin on 06/25/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Ashlyn_X wearing Camel Toe in her Cleft of Venus

At a time when other webcam networks are reeling the girls in and stopping the nudity in their free chat rooms, CamTub.com is breaking those rules. They have plenty of hot coeds with rocking bodies letting it all hang out for free. Girls like Ashlyn_X know how to entice guys to come play with them. Personally I’d rather frequent a network with scantly clad babes flashing their tits then looking at a photo album looking page of girls faces or shirt wearing chests.

Getting back to Ashlyn. You won’t find a better cleft of Venus then this girl has got. You can already get a sense of what you are in for just by looking at her camel toe shorts. She is a real hottie.

But she is just one of the tens of thousands of girls ready to rock you with some live sex chat. Each of the girls is highly motivated and more than ready to get naked for you. I spend countless hours here watching free chat as well since many of the girls will get naked there too.

As far as free live sex goes you aren’t going to beat www.CamTub.com!

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Posted By admin on 06/17/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Miela A Cleft of Venus from the Solis gallery

When I find a Cleft of Venus like this one I get a special feeling in my loins. It is more than just being horny. It is also the feeling of finding something truly amazing. There are not many girls out there that can rock a Cleft of Venus while sitting spread eagle like Miela A can. She is a wonder of nature.

On Elitebabes.com you will find gallery after gallery of this girls natural beauty. While she is pleasing to the eyes, Miela A Metart is also pleasing to the mind. You can sense that she is a fun one. The kind of girl that likes to play tag and flirt all day long. This is the girl you take to the county fair and pretend you are young all over again.

Miela has larger than average breasts that would hang perfectly into your mouth while she grinds her pussy into your cock. Her face has some light freckles that make her look like a dead ringer for the rays of the sun.

Finding good galleries of babes like her is getting harder and harder these days. It seems like Google recently made finding good porn harder than hell. The Errotica Archives can help you find the hottest babes and you don’t need to use a search engine to find them. All you need is a device with a browser. You can even surf the sight on your iPad or Android tablet!

Posted By admin on 04/15/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


When it comes to camel toe and cleft of Venus nobody beats G-Queen in the Asian niche. The guy that created this site is a genius. The girls are hot. The shaved Asian pussy is hot. There are tons of videos of hot Asian teens in schoolgirl uniforms, white cotton panties, wet panties and more.

G-Queen has been updating for years so you have a lot of videos in the archives. Any fan of cleft of Venus pussy videos and picture sets will find this site to be of their liking. Are you a true fan? If so, what are you waiting for?

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Posted By admin on 04/11/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


It is only because of contractual agreements that I cannot show you this hot redhead rubbing her tiny cleft of Venus. Believe me, I wish I could, but I don’t feel like having my pants sued off me. What I can do is point you to the site that has free sex chat you don’t even have to join to watch.

Point your browser over to Free SexChatRoulette to play with girls without paying. It loads up random babes or you can hit the show me all button. I like loading random girls just to see who pops up. With hot babes like this redhead appearing you can see it is worth playing with.

You have probably seen a lot of sites by now claiming to have random sex chat, but then you have to buy tokens just to create an account. There are a few that will let you join, but then you notice the girls never respond to what you type. It isn’t showing it to them!

When you don’t want to get jerked around you need to use this Sex Roulette site. You can talk to girls and have them respond without logging in. You can have random sex chat without restrictions as much as you want. The girls actually masturbate in the free room. Sure you could give her credits, but why? Get that milk for free!

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For me Ashley Lightspeed is kind of a give and take. Her face says to me that she is a river chick. A little high strung at times and more prone to being bipolar. On the flip side her body is petite and it says she is spunky. Overall she is a cutie. Even though her boobs are a lot smaller than the palms of your hands they look huge on her tiny frame. She also have a beautiful cleft of Venus. Tasty even!

Along with Ashley the site has other girls with sweet cleft of Venus pussy. One of my absolute favs after Ashley is Dana Lightspeed. There are a few galleries in Dana’s site with both of them engaged in lesbian play.

If you like looking at girls with slender bodies in panties you will really enjoy AshleyLightspeed.com. The site is loaded with them and has lots of them of her in wet panties too. Super clingy! Super snug on her pussy!

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Posted By admin on 04/01/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


What a sweet and sour cleft of Venus on this Asian babe. She also has a nice set of juggs so you can get your protein from the top or the bottom. This Asian hottie rubs her pussy in a hot masturbation video that you can watch for free.

There are hundreds of free long tube videos on Faplot.com. The site updates daily. By joining for free you can also keep track of your favorite videos in your online account. That way you can quickly find the videos you know you already like.

Fap Lot has both long and short videos. Even the short ones are uncut. They don’t have teaser videos meant to sell you some kind of membership. All of the videos are hardcore!

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Posted By admin on 03/29/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Because of contractual reasons I am not allowed to post a naked picture of BrunetteXspicy so I cannot show you her beautiful cleft of Venus. I know, it sucks ass. I hate doing posts without some pussy in them!

What I can say is that her teen webcam shows are worth every penny. It isn’t often (or often enough depending on how you look at it) that I actually pay for a webcam show. I am an expert at getting hot babes on cam sites to spread that pink without me paying a single credit. When I do pay it is because she pulls those sexy panties of her over to expose a wonderful example of a cleft of Venus. One so juicy I simply cannot resist.

You can find about a dozen or so girls completely nude, and often masturbating, in their free sex chat rooms on PrivateCamSex.com. Watch free cams or pay a few credits for the girls you find the best. Either way you are getting your needs met.

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Posted By admin on 03/05/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Some of you have sent me Emails asking for some hardcore girls with a Cleft of Venus. This here is Claire Heart. She is from Cum Fiesta and her cleft is plenty sexy. Sexy enough to stop traffic!

Claire has a tight pussy and she uses it to get what she wants. She used to be self conscious about how young her little pussy and small tits made her look. Now that she is a little older she enjoys all of the compliments men give her.

Watch her suck a mean cock and take a facial worthy of an award on CumFiesta.com!

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Posted By admin on 01/05/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


OK. So the girl with the cleft of Venus pictured above isn’t exactly an Avril Lavigne look-a-like. She might be a little more Lindsey Lohan than Avril with her red hair, freckles and juicy big tits.

One thing is for sure. She has a great cleft of Venus pussy that looks equally appealing no matter which angle you view it from. Personally I’d like to view it from an angle where she is squatting over my face and my tongue is parting her soft pussy lips to explore her vulva.


This picture captures her tight teen butt nicely. You want to bend her over, drive your cock up her backside and squeeze those titties hard while your nuts inject millions of little copies of your DNA deep into her belly.


As you can see her tongue is pierced. I have yet to meet a girl with a tongue piercing that doesn’t enjoy oral sex. This girls hot box is so damn beautiful you wouldn’t mind eating it for hours at a time. Even if she told you to jerk yourself off while you are down there it would be considered an honor to be between her luscious legs eating that cleft of Venus for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Sweet Apples has plenty more of her and lots of pictures of her friends. The site is a hybrid of user generated content where people send in pictures of themselves, their girlfriends and their ex-girlfriends; and professional quality photos where the girls contact the sites owner and have him take photos like these.

With pussy like this they might want to consider calling it sweet peaches!

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Posted By admin on 12/30/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


It is because of Cleft of Venus like this that I love my job. Looking at such a succulent pussy never gets old no matter how many times I see it. Finding girls with a pussy this nice isn’t easy and when I do find them the difficulty in the hunt makes it all the more special.

Kara from MPL Studios will go into my own personal cleft of Venus hall of fame. Even when Kara is sitting spread eagle she still has a wonderful pussy cleft without much lip showing.


There are times when going down on a girl again and again can become a chore. I doubt that feeling could possibly show itself when licking this girls vagina. Licking her would be like having a dream come true over and over again.

Not only does Kara have a virgin looking pussy, her small boobs are very perky and new looking as well. They are capped with puffy nipples. Her skin is a golden tan. Her body is perfectly proportioned. Is there anything this girl cannot do right?

Join MPL Studios and get daily updates like these!

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Posted By admin on 12/21/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Only on GFLot.com will you find kinky ex-GF videos like this one for free. They give away free streaming videos you can enjoy any time you like, as often as you like. There are no restrictions. You don’t even have to give them your Email address.

The video above melds two great niches together in one hot sexy video clip. You get a cleft of Venus pussy along with a footjob warm up from a girl with cute feet and an even cuter pussy.

From time to time she opens her legs wide to bring the bottoms of her feet together and you get to see the petals of her pussy unfold. Being a cleft of Venus she doesn’t have much, but what little she does have arranged itself into the most beautiful flower you will ever see.

Get hundreds more ex-girlfriend videos from GFLot.com!

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