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Posted By admin on 04/01/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


What a sweet and sour cleft of Venus on this Asian babe. She also has a nice set of juggs so you can get your protein from the top or the bottom. This Asian hottie rubs her pussy in a hot masturbation video that you can watch for free.

There are hundreds of free long tube videos on Faplot.com. The site updates daily. By joining for free you can also keep track of your favorite videos in your online account. That way you can quickly find the videos you know you already like.

Fap Lot has both long and short videos. Even the short ones are uncut. They don’t have teaser videos meant to sell you some kind of membership. All of the videos are hardcore!

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Posted By admin on 03/29/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Because of contractual reasons I am not allowed to post a naked picture of BrunetteXspicy so I cannot show you her beautiful cleft of Venus. I know, it sucks ass. I hate doing posts without some pussy in them!

What I can say is that her teen webcam shows are worth every penny. It isn’t often (or often enough depending on how you look at it) that I actually pay for a webcam show. I am an expert at getting hot babes on cam sites to spread that pink without me paying a single credit. When I do pay it is because she pulls those sexy panties of her over to expose a wonderful example of a cleft of Venus. One so juicy I simply cannot resist.

You can find about a dozen or so girls completely nude, and often masturbating, in their free sex chat rooms on PrivateCamSex.com. Watch free cams or pay a few credits for the girls you find the best. Either way you are getting your needs met.

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Posted By admin on 03/05/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Some of you have sent me Emails asking for some hardcore girls with a Cleft of Venus. This here is Claire Heart. She is from Cum Fiesta and her cleft is plenty sexy. Sexy enough to stop traffic!

Claire has a tight pussy and she uses it to get what she wants. She used to be self conscious about how young her little pussy and small tits made her look. Now that she is a little older she enjoys all of the compliments men give her.

Watch her suck a mean cock and take a facial worthy of an award on CumFiesta.com!

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Posted By admin on 01/05/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


OK. So the girl with the cleft of Venus pictured above isn’t exactly an Avril Lavigne look-a-like. She might be a little more Lindsey Lohan than Avril with her red hair, freckles and juicy big tits.

One thing is for sure. She has a great cleft of Venus pussy that looks equally appealing no matter which angle you view it from. Personally I’d like to view it from an angle where she is squatting over my face and my tongue is parting her soft pussy lips to explore her vulva.


This picture captures her tight teen butt nicely. You want to bend her over, drive your cock up her backside and squeeze those titties hard while your nuts inject millions of little copies of your DNA deep into her belly.


As you can see her tongue is pierced. I have yet to meet a girl with a tongue piercing that doesn’t enjoy oral sex. This girls hot box is so damn beautiful you wouldn’t mind eating it for hours at a time. Even if she told you to jerk yourself off while you are down there it would be considered an honor to be between her luscious legs eating that cleft of Venus for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Sweet Apples has plenty more of her and lots of pictures of her friends. The site is a hybrid of user generated content where people send in pictures of themselves, their girlfriends and their ex-girlfriends; and professional quality photos where the girls contact the sites owner and have him take photos like these.

With pussy like this they might want to consider calling it sweet peaches!

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Posted By admin on 12/30/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


It is because of Cleft of Venus like this that I love my job. Looking at such a succulent pussy never gets old no matter how many times I see it. Finding girls with a pussy this nice isn’t easy and when I do find them the difficulty in the hunt makes it all the more special.

Kara from MPL Studios will go into my own personal cleft of Venus hall of fame. Even when Kara is sitting spread eagle she still has a wonderful pussy cleft without much lip showing.


There are times when going down on a girl again and again can become a chore. I doubt that feeling could possibly show itself when licking this girls vagina. Licking her would be like having a dream come true over and over again.

Not only does Kara have a virgin looking pussy, her small boobs are very perky and new looking as well. They are capped with puffy nipples. Her skin is a golden tan. Her body is perfectly proportioned. Is there anything this girl cannot do right?

Join MPL Studios and get daily updates like these!

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Posted By admin on 12/21/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Only on GFLot.com will you find kinky ex-GF videos like this one for free. They give away free streaming videos you can enjoy any time you like, as often as you like. There are no restrictions. You don’t even have to give them your Email address.

The video above melds two great niches together in one hot sexy video clip. You get a cleft of Venus pussy along with a footjob warm up from a girl with cute feet and an even cuter pussy.

From time to time she opens her legs wide to bring the bottoms of her feet together and you get to see the petals of her pussy unfold. Being a cleft of Venus she doesn’t have much, but what little she does have arranged itself into the most beautiful flower you will ever see.

Get hundreds more ex-girlfriend videos from GFLot.com!

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Posted By admin on 12/18/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Do you ever have one of those times where you are doing something and you are pretty engrossed into doing it, but then you see something that stops you in your tracks, causing you to go off into another direction? I am having one of those moments right now.

I was updating one of my big tits blogs and I am in big tits mode. Like if it ain’t a set of naturally large juggs I don’t want to know about it right now. Then I see this photo in one of my picture of the day sections. I love me a big set of juicy titties just as much as the next guy. That being said, I love a succulent cleft of Venus even more!

The irony of the whole thing is this cleft is on a girl with huge tits. Naturally large tits. So it is like a best of both worlds sort of thing. Take Busty Nastya’s tour and see why women from the other side of the world can be a lot more fun.

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Posted By admin on 12/16/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Guys spend a lot of time on sites like Penthouse and Hustler without really thinking about the girl next door. FTV Girls has plenty of girls in hair and makeup that you can expect to meet on the street. Girls with a cleft of Venus like that of Karina above.

For over 10 years FTVGirls.com has been hunting down hot girls passing through Arizona and getting them to bare it all for men on the Internet. Many of the girls come from the local colleges looking to make a quick buck to pay for some books. All they have to do is masturbate. A lot. And if they use the extra large dildos they get even more cash.

A win-win-win situation at its best.


Get every update and every video instantly by joining. Once you do use the online cancelation tool to go through the cancelation process. Towards the end it will ask you if you want to stay a member at a lower price. Say yes and you get the same updates as everyone else for less cash!

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Posted By admin on 12/04/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


I always get excited when it is time to show off another solo model with a great cleft of Venus. This ones name is Little Bailey and she is super excited to meet guys and talk to her fans.

One look at that nubile pussy and your mouth begins to water. Topping that delicious delight off with two scoops of heavenly perky boobs is like icing on the cake. I don’t care if you have already eaten you fill. With this buffet standing in front of you, you would find it impossible not to dive in again.

LittleBailey.com has dozens of videos of this barely legal girl. Along with the videos come picture sets big enough for you to zoom in on that tight little pussy of hers. Watch Bailey share herself with her friends, her teachers and you!

Posted By admin on 11/27/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Undoubtedly there will be some of you who will cry shenanigans. You will bitch about how Felicity from Errotica Archives doesn’t have a true cleft of Venus. There is a little hint of lipage showing. Go cry in your milk. The rest of us came here to jerk off and fuck me if Felicity isn’t jerk off material.

This girl has everything you look for in a babe and more. For starters her face has a quirky beauty to it. Like Leelee Sobieski. Something is off, but not in a bad way. It is good because she knows it too, so she doesn’t let her good looks go to her head.

Moving down from her cute face we have some full boobs. They sag perfectly. Which is to say they barely sag at all! Her huge boobs defy gravity and probably break some other rules too.


This hottie has a tiny waist for having such big knockers. Her firm booty says she must be athletic. Her legs do as well. Muscular and trim, her legs don’t look too thin or too thick; they are just right!

Get more photos and all of her videos at Errotica Archives. They have dozens of hot babes with cleft of Venus pussies. They also have plenty of barely legal and twenty-something beauties. I am sure you will find more than one thing to fantasize about during your stay!

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Posted By admin on 11/10/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Big breasted teen Holly plays games with clit - Free Videos Adult Sex Tube - BedRoomMedia

Like most people you probably have a need for free pornstar movies. Well, you can stop looking because you just found a huge cache of them. The site is called Bedroom Media and they have daily updates of the industries hottest pornstars. You’d have to be crazy insane to go anywhere else.

You know I can’t guarantee each and every porn star on the site has a cleft of Venus like Holly’s above, but I can say the videos these girls are in are plenty hot.

In this eleven minute video Holly starts out playing with her big tits and then moves on to strip naked and rub her sexy clit. You can see her pussy lips getting wetter and wetter before she finally plunges a finger inside herself. It culminates with her having a real orgasm as her pussy puts her over the edge.

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Posted By admin on 11/09/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Live Sex Chat - CassidyNicole's Profile

At $200 a pop it would seem that this little betty has one hell of an expensive cleft of Venus. Looks can be deceiving though. That $200 bill isn’t what you are going to pay. For from it in fact. That is what you and your online compatriots are going to pay. Your portion is more like $5!

Nobody likes draining their bank account on cam models and my favorite live sex chat site has responded. Now you can get into chat shows for chump change. Watch the same sexy action for less and you can even make requests.

I spent $4 on CassidyNicole and she did a long sex show for us. Her boobs were so fucking amazing. She has the kind I like to call grabby boobs. You can latch on to those suckers and go along for an intense ride. Along with the boobs she has a very bald cleft of Venus pussy. Without the tits and the tattoo you’d wonder if this bitch were jailbait just looking at her twat!

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Posted By admin on 11/05/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


If you can come up with a better example of a cleft of Venus on a nubile teen I challenge you to a dual. OK… Now that kind of sounded gay. This free gallery of Riley Reid from ALSScan.com is anything but gay. It hits on every dirty, naughty, deranged thought every boy has conjured up during puberty!

While Riley isn’t exactly barely legal at 21 years young when this gallery was shot, she sure does look like it. Her small tits are the epitome of what every small tits lover is looking for. Her body is petite at 107lb and 5’4″ small. And that cute little pussy of hers. You feel like you are breaking the law when you bite into it.

Use this ALS Scan discount and crack into a cleft of Venus fit for a king at 73% off!

Posted By admin on 11/05/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Hot Cleft of Venus Cam Model

Finding free web cam shows with girls that have a Cleft of Venus is imperative for me. To be honest there aren’t many girls willing to show you their pussy without going private, but it can be done. My favorite place to get girls to show is at adult chat. Here the girls are a bit looser and sluttier. Just what you want when you are looking for a live webcam show.

It only look me about five minutes to smooth talk this sexy Latina cam model into showing me her cleft of Venus. Sure, she cheated a little by leaving her panties on, but I think it is obvious her pussy is worthy of some tongue on clit action.

You can view her profile and add her to your favorites. They will notify you every time she comes online. Then you can see if your silver tongue can smooth talk her into providing you with the same view… only without the panties!

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Posted By admin on 10/10/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Briana Lee is one of those extreme girls you either jump onto and go for a right or you steer clear of in order to preserve your sense of control. It is rare to find such a fine specimen of Cleft of Venus on a pornstar. Most of them have snatches that look tore up from the floor up. Yes, I know the look and what is actually going on down there are two different things.

I guess I am just saying… fuck it! I will let the picture tell the story:


As you can see Briana Lee has smooth skin. She has a tight snatch. She has delicious boobs. Her ass is thick without being flabby. Briana has dick sucking lips. She has style. If you expect to give this girl a ride home your car should have at least some of the same attributes!

But let’s be honest with ourselves. We aren’t looking to actually bang Briana Lee. We are lusting after the idea of actually doing it. So what if it won’t happen in real life. Briana has opened up her sex life to us and is sharing it with YOU!

Take what you can get while the getting is good!

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Some guys are into girls with huge tits that look like Frankenstein created them. I am not and if you also are not I suggest small tits girls web cams for free. Take them private and you can suggest all kinds of nasty things for them to do.