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Posted By admin on 01/04/14 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

CamelToe Panties

In celebration of the New Year, I want to do something that I’ve never done before…

My Cleft of Venus blog has been online for over two years. And I’ve written dozens of posts. But today, for the very first time, I will show you how you can actually sniff and taste the pure, delicious essence of a cute amateur girl’s cleft of Venus.

Meet Amy from AmysPanties.com. She has a beautiful cleft of Venus pussy, and yes… she sells her unwashed used panties!

So if your most erotic wet dreams involve burying your face deep into a cleft of Venus, inhaling the hypnotic fragrances, and worshipping the glistening nectar, then you should give Amy a try. Just go through the order form on her site and in a few days your tongue will be dancing over the crotch of a well-scented pair of Amy’s undies.

HINT: Her site is also packed with lots of camel toe panty pics, and no membership is required.

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Posted By admin on 01/02/14 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Connect to live cam girls that masturbate for free!

I have fallen in love. Not with the girl above, but with the webcam system she is on. There are so many cleft of Venus pussy girls on this network that it isn’t even funny. I think it has something to do with the number of nubile cam girls they have ready to chat with you no matter what time of day you are on.

Their system is a lot different than most webcam sites. It forgoes private chats that are super expensive for a party chat atmosphere that is both fun and very cheap. This girl had well over a thousand people enjoying her display and finger banging. Most didn’t tip her because it is free to watch all of the cams on this network. I tipped her a couple bucks because I liked her cleft of Venus pussy so much my boner shot jizz all over my keyboard.

You can use your cell phone or a tablet to connect to the girls. All smart phones should work. Just connect to live cam girls and stick to the girls on the top bar. They have the most people in their channel – which usually translates in to them having the best show on the site.

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Posted By admin on 12/03/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Teen Cam Girl With Puffy Pussy Camel Toe

I snapped this screen shot of a puffy pussy camel toe on a teen cam girl in the free area on CamsShows.com. It is a live chat site with over a hundred teen camgirls on at all times. Day or night!

If you think this camel toe picture looks divine you should see the cleft of Venus on this girl. Her puffy outer lips must be an inch deep before you even get to the pink stuff. I have fucked many girls with juicy clefts like this one has and I have to say, they are tighter than Uncle Scrooge’s purse strings.

Right now I counted well into the hundreds of video chatsex models on Cams Shows. I know some of you might be partial to older ladies and they have plenty of them too. Quite a few with a sexy cleft of Venus might I add.

Should you need somebody to cuddle up with tonight I can suggest to you the girls of College Party Dates. They hook you up with horny single college girls and it doesn’t matter your age. A lot of the girls have a thing for older men so even a fogy like you can get laid by a girl in college.

You have no excuse for jerking off all by yourself. Not with these options!

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Posted By admin on 11/20/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Watch Cleft Of Venus Girlfriend Porn Clips!

Checking out pictures of people’s girlfriends is all good, but watching their girlfriend’s porn videos is even better. Throw in some hot cuties with some cleft of Venus pussy and it is all over!

There are a lot of sites that make claims about having amateur porn. I have been to many of them and they don’t hold a candle to Real GF Porn. The site has real videos like the one above shot by girls that want to give their boyfriends a show. These girls have no idea their videos are going to end up on the world wide web. I guess they don’t go on the internet or something.

There is no better example of amateur teen porn then the self shot teen tube videos on Real GF Porn. Not only is the site packed with thousands of user uploaded videos, it also has lots of professional videos in case you want to see good old fashioned hardcore porn clips.

I am not going to lie to you and say the site has nothing but cleft of Venus pussy videos, but I will say out of the tens of thousands of videos there are hundreds, if not thousands, that have some nice pussy in them!

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Posted By admin on 11/14/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Sexy little cleft of Venus pussy

This picture from CravingCarmen.com reminds me a lot about a girl who’s pussy I licked for her very first time. Like Carmen she gripped the hem of her dress tightly and I wondered if she had thought it was going to hurt for me to touch my tongue down there. Now I know it was because she knew it would tickle intensely before it started to feel very good.

She had a cleft of Venus like Carmen does. Looking at it you wouldn’t even know she had a clitoris or inner labia. Pulled open it revealed a tiny pink button with some very small lips. Her outer lips were so hard and puffy that they clamped down on my cock while I was inside her. It was an added sensation. Once that always made me have to cum before she did. Unless…

To keep from cumming before my girlfriend did I would click her pink pussy for a few minutes. It wasn’t a chore by any meaning of the word. I would often eat her delicious pussy for hours when she would let me. Otherwise I got my few minutes of tasting her pussy nectar and then it was time to lay some pipe.

Her clit was right over the top of her pussy hole. Her urethra was just barely inside her pussy hole. She had a tiny, tight pussy!

Having her clit in the position it was in meant my cock would tease it while I fucked her. I could feel it ball up and get very hard as it rubbed against my shaft when she was about to cum. She was as shaker. When she came she shook like she was shivering. I could tell orgasms were intense for her. She couldn’t fake one if her life counted on it. They were to… violent!

Find more of this sexy solo model on her official Craving Carmen fan page. While there you can view as many of her free galleries as you want to. You don’t even have to join anything!

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Freckles18.com showing off her cleft of Venus pussy

Right now there is some lucky guy living next door to this freckle-faced teenager. He is lucky because she obviously doesn’t mind sharing what she has got. Shit, it wouldn’t surprise me if he bought her those cute pink panties with the little pretty pink bow on top. He probably did it knowing she would take this pic and send it back to him showing off her cleft of Venus pussy.

For the better part of her life this girl got taunted and told she was ugly because she had freckles. Then somebody showed her the movie "The Outsiders" and it changed her life. She noticed that the girl named Cherry in the movie was the hottest one and that all of the boys wanted her because of her red hair and freckles. This gave her the boost she needed to enjoy her new life as a solo model porn star!

Each week Freckles18.com updates with two picture sets and a video. She also does life camshows from time to time. These also get recorded so you can enjoy the show even when one isn’t scheduled that day.

All of this is wonderful, especially that cleft of Venus she has, but the real beauty of the site is that you can join for just $14.95! I really wish more solo models would adopt this kind of pricing. Take advantage now since CCBILL will keep your low rate even if she decides to up it $5 to everybody else!

Posted By admin on 10/16/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


is there anything better than a backside cleft of Venus. Sure, there are many girls out there with tacos and cherries that can pull off a cleft of Venus from the front with closed thighs, but the backside? A girl must have an exceptional cleft to pull that one off!

So the backstory to Cassidy Cole. The newest solo model to hit the net.

Cassidy was not supposed to be a solo model. She had no aspirations of being one. She just happened to be getting off of a plane in Toronto at the same time as a Los Angeles based photographer who was headed to Canada to shoot footage of a girl that was set to be the newest solo model.

That main girl fell through letting the photographer know while the plane was in the air. He met Cassidy while looking for a cab to his hotel. As it turned out she was going to the same hotel. A conversation ensued. Somehow he talked her into some test shots. He put them up on GFY.com asking if anybody thought she was hot.

Turns out she was hot. Not just that, she was phenomenal. Guys were gushing about her beautiful cleft of Venus. They loved her Mid-Western looks. Her body was smoking hot. She enjoyed getting naked for the camera and it showed. She was a natural.

And there you go. Now go have some fun looking at her sweet camel toe pics in the members area!

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Over and over again I see a lot of sites with models who have a sweet cleft of Venus, but are very expensive to talk to the girls. This would seem normal since you don’t see girls with such a sweet looking cleft often. Supply and demand. That is all changing now though. These days you can watch the girls for free!

Finding such girls used to be hard. The reason being is that you could skim the RSS feed for popular girls and find nude girls all over the place, but finding girls with a cleft of Venus could be a lot more difficult and time consuming.

To make it easier I developed this free camsex site. It is called Mega Cams and it shows you to girls nude photos before you enter her chat room that way you can see if she is smooth and sexy.

Use my site for all of your live women sex needs. I have broken the feeds down into hair color, body types, nationalities and more. With my system you will save a lot of cash and get to see a lot more sexy cleft of Venus babes!

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Posted By admin on 09/25/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Amazing smooth cleft of Venus

Now that is one exceptionally nice cleft of Venus right there. I was on the Met-Art site and I couldn’t resist this girls hairless pussy. I also like her eraser nipples. Very nice for biting!

While in high school I dated a girl with a perfect cleft of Venus. She was a punker and she liked to wear skirts with no panties. She would flash me her sexy beaver between classes. I had to carry my books in front of me to hide my hardon. She was the first girl I ever knew of that shaved her entire pussy completely bare.

cleft of Venus face sitting, smothering

Ever since then I got hooked on chicks with puffy outer lips and no inner lips to speak of. I would try to get with a girl as quickly as I could so I could see if she had what I wanted between her legs. If not I promptly broke up with her. I think I was one of the only guys in my school that actually broke up with girls!

Enjoy the pussy shots and I will post more later.

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Posted By admin on 08/28/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Little Bailey is one of the newest models in the Tiny Teen Pass. Her site offers members a terrific cadre of cleft of Venus pics and videos. She also has a bevy of barely legal friends like Chloe 18 who also have a sexy cleft of Venus pussy.

Her site has a join one, join all policy. So you get immediate, unrestricted access to exclusive teen porn with one password. Not bad when you consider the fact that you can join for just a buck to see it all for yourself.

Keep it locked and loaded. You never know when you will see a cleft of Venus in need of your fat cock.

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Some girls never get old and Alison Angel is definitely one of those girls. Her pussy is a perfect example of not only a cleft of Venus, but also of a pussy looking just as nubile at twenty-two as it did before Alison hit puberty.

Allison has many videos of her masturbating in public, using extremely large objects, fucking household items, and getting kinky with her girlfriend. Each video has extremely high resolution pics.

If you need a new love, Alison is only clicks away.

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Paris Marie in Brand New Faces 24

When it comes to cleft of Venus pussy you can’t get much better than Paris Marie. Her scene in Brand New Faces 24 shows off how tight her sext little vagina is. Most porn stars have pussies that look pretty banged up. Her pussy looks divine and ready for a tongue lashing.

Start your week off right by streaming Elegant Angel videos on FyreTV. This unique service allows you to store your porn in the cloud. This way you can access it from anywhere by using a set top box like the Roku or Apple TV, or by using your cell phone, laptop or computer. No more massive piles of porn DVDs lying around the house.

Get competitively priced single titles and scenes, or up the ante by accessing entire libraries of porn from your favorite studios. Prices start at just $5 a month for smaller studios and just $8 a month for many of the larger ones. This is a deal that cannot be beat!

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Posted By admin on 07/14/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Super sexy extreme camel toe with red leggins binding her pussy cleft


Talk about binding a girls cleft of Venus. Do you want to know what the crazy thing is? There are scores of girls out there walking around with their leggings like this. Not because of some horrible accident, but because they want you to look!

This kind of extreme camel toe has moved from a fad into the norm. Hell, I remember when girls used to avoid having this happen like the plague. Now they look forward to it happening to them. Recently I dated a girl that told me she is so used to it now that she feels "naked" when she doesn’t have her panties binding into her pussy cleft.

My how things have changed!

For the better might I add!

Get more camel toe movies on the best streaming tube site where Redtube porn is allows to multiply naturally. You never know what kind of porn you will find day to day. It is what makes this site so fucking exciting.

Posted By admin on 07/09/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


This photo is more than just porn. It is a work of art. Catie Minx has a camel toe cleft of Venus going on that is worthy of a few gallons of sperm. If I could produce that much in one shot-load I would. She really is that fucking hot!

Catie is not like the other girls. She never has been. While they were all worried about their looks and their image Catie grew up a nerd. It has only been recently that she could even be considered hot. Not long ago she was still a dork. She still acts like a dork. It is what you will come to love about her videos.

Catie is very active on her site and updates several times a week. Give her a money shot right on that little pooter of hers!

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Posted By admin on 07/08/13 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Chantelle A Met-Art gallery on PornTips.com

Imagine for a second that you could zoom in on that cleft of Venus that Chantelle A. is sporting and it would still be crystal clear when it takes up your entire computer monitor, over even your big screen television in the living room. That is how detailed the high resolution photos at Met-Art can be.

Reading the Met-Art review on Porn Tips it isn’t hard to see why they gave it a 95.6 score. Porn Tips has to be the most discerning porn review site I know of. They don’t hand out high rankings for favors like you find on some of the other review sites out there. To get a score over 89 you really have to earn it here.

Met-Art.com earned their score by using world class photographers and by listening to those photographers when they told them to only hire the hottest models they could find. You won’t see one girl on the site that isn’t worthy of a few tables spoons of your man-juice.

On top of having high quality content they have all of their content packaged in ways to make it easier for you to view it. You will find videos encoded in Windows Movie format, MPEG1, PSP, QuickTime and MPEG4. There isn’t a video playback device out there that cannot play these movies. You can even watch them on your smart phone!

Enough about the videos. What about the pictures? They are shot in 5000+ pixels. You can zoom way the fuck in on these things and still have a crystal clear picture.

No other site keeps an update schedule like Met-Art does. You can expect anywhere from 4 to 6 updates each day of the week. According to Alexa Met-Art.com is one of the top five porn subscription sites on the Internet. It would be easier to count the number of people that are not members of the site than it would be to count those that are. Why aren’t you a member yet?

Hey, I am all for bucking the system and being a lone ranger, but seriously! Go check out the Met-Art review and then come back and tell me I am wrong here. Or, just enjoy the porn and never see me again!

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