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Posted By admin on 11/09/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Live Sex Chat - CassidyNicole's Profile

At $200 a pop it would seem that this little betty has one hell of an expensive cleft of Venus. Looks can be deceiving though. That $200 bill isn’t what you are going to pay. For from it in fact. That is what you and your online compatriots are going to pay. Your portion is more like $5!

Nobody likes draining their bank account on cam models and my favorite live sex chat site has responded. Now you can get into chat shows for chump change. Watch the same sexy action for less and you can even make requests.

I spent $4 on CassidyNicole and she did a long sex show for us. Her boobs were so fucking amazing. She has the kind I like to call grabby boobs. You can latch on to those suckers and go along for an intense ride. Along with the boobs she has a very bald cleft of Venus pussy. Without the tits and the tattoo you’d wonder if this bitch were jailbait just looking at her twat!

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Posted By admin on 11/05/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


If you can come up with a better example of a cleft of Venus on a nubile teen I challenge you to a dual. OK… Now that kind of sounded gay. This free gallery of Riley Reid from ALSScan.com is anything but gay. It hits on every dirty, naughty, deranged thought every boy has conjured up during puberty!

While Riley isn’t exactly barely legal at 21 years young when this gallery was shot, she sure does look like it. Her small tits are the epitome of what every small tits lover is looking for. Her body is petite at 107lb and 5’4″ small. And that cute little pussy of hers. You feel like you are breaking the law when you bite into it.

Use this ALS Scan discount and crack into a cleft of Venus fit for a king at 73% off!

Posted By admin on 11/05/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Hot Cleft of Venus Cam Model

Finding free web cam shows with girls that have a Cleft of Venus is imperative for me. To be honest there aren’t many girls willing to show you their pussy without going private, but it can be done. My favorite place to get girls to show is at adult chat. Here the girls are a bit looser and sluttier. Just what you want when you are looking for a live webcam show.

It only look me about five minutes to smooth talk this sexy Latina cam model into showing me her cleft of Venus. Sure, she cheated a little by leaving her panties on, but I think it is obvious her pussy is worthy of some tongue on clit action.

You can view her profile and add her to your favorites. They will notify you every time she comes online. Then you can see if your silver tongue can smooth talk her into providing you with the same view… only without the panties!

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Posted By admin on 10/10/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Briana Lee is one of those extreme girls you either jump onto and go for a right or you steer clear of in order to preserve your sense of control. It is rare to find such a fine specimen of Cleft of Venus on a pornstar. Most of them have snatches that look tore up from the floor up. Yes, I know the look and what is actually going on down there are two different things.

I guess I am just saying… fuck it! I will let the picture tell the story:


As you can see Briana Lee has smooth skin. She has a tight snatch. She has delicious boobs. Her ass is thick without being flabby. Briana has dick sucking lips. She has style. If you expect to give this girl a ride home your car should have at least some of the same attributes!

But let’s be honest with ourselves. We aren’t looking to actually bang Briana Lee. We are lusting after the idea of actually doing it. So what if it won’t happen in real life. Briana has opened up her sex life to us and is sharing it with YOU!

Take what you can get while the getting is good!

Posted By admin on 10/09/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Guys are always saying things like, if they had a cleft of Venus like this girl has they would play with it too. The reality of it is guys play with their dicks all day long so they really don’t need a cleft do they? The same goes for girls though. They always talk about how they would jerk off in the shower too if they had a cock, but then they run the faucet water on their pussies just as often as guys jerk it.

The proper thing here would be for those guys are girls to get together and masturbate with each other. It seems only logical that they would both benefit from this kind of thing.

When I was in high school I dated a bisex girl that adhered to the notion of masturbation being much more fun when there is more than one person involved. She loved to race to orgasm. Being bisexual meant she had these races with me and her girlfriends from the cheerleading squad. I tried to get her to film one with them, but she wouldn’t.

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Posted By admin on 09/18/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

It doesn’t take long for a girl to figure out that her vibrating toothbrush can be used as a masturbation toy for her clit. I bought one for my GF when they first came out and noticed she spent a lot of time brushing her teeth. So I grabbed one of her compact mirrors from her purse and decided to have a looksee under the bathroom door. Sure enough she was sitting on the toilet rubbing her new vibrating toy over her swollen clit!

Craving Carmen has many posts here at Cleft of Venus because her pussy is the epitome of what a Cleft of Venus is. Her inner lips are so small they almost don’t even exist. Her outer lips are a bit puffy and completely hide her clit even when she is sitting spread eagle.

Watch Craving Carmen masturbate with just about every object in the bathroom including the clear resin handle on the plunger! She craves sex more then you do believe it or not so she is always updating her site with new pictures and videos of her latest masturbation escapades.

As if she wasn’t already worthy of your attention CravingCarmen.com is giving you access to her friends as well!

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Posted By admin on 08/14/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Right about now the world is having a sad moment because the London Olympics 2012 have ended. There will be no more coverage of the Czech Women’s Beach Volleyball Team duo of Slukova and Kolocova. Dammit to hell!

So lets focus on another Czech beauty shall we? Her name is Pinky June and she has a super soft cleft of Venus. So soft in fact that you will wonder if this girl is actually capable of growing hair down below.

Along with her succulent pussy Pinky has a perky set of boobs. They are slightly larger than most girls with her frame giving you the idea that they are a lot bigger than they really are. Remember, this girl only stands like five foot six!

Pinky June updates her site weekly and she does hardcore. She loves to role play so there is a bit of everything under the sun, and some things that only come out at night, in her members area. She also gives you access to her friends sites as well.

What? You missed the Czech Women’s Beach Volleyball Team’s bouts? Well, here is a little post card they had made:


Now you know why you should watch the Olympics like a big boy!

Posted By admin on 07/19/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


One look at that photo of Andi Pink and her bubbly nose and my cock already wants to explode some man-juice all over her face. Out of all of the Cleft of Venus babes out there I have to say, Andi is one of the hottest!

It could be that she was one of the first models to show their Cleft of Venus off. Quite a few years ago AndiPink.com started and allowed access to her friends like Katie Fey and Ariel Rebel. The only problem was that Andi was the only one with a Venus cleft.

Andi Pink has some perky small tits to go with her bare pussy. You kind of have to wonder just how long you would last if she was on top of you. I bet she could dry hump you into an orgasm in minutes!

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Posted By admin on 05/04/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Talk about receiving the entire package! Arianna from MPL Studios is smoking hot and she has quite the cleft of Venus! Her body hails from the days of yore. Back when a girl could have a tiny waste and wide hips. Big boobs like hers wouldn’t look right on a skinny girl!

Arianna has pouty lips (up top, get your mind out of the gutter) and bright blue eyes. Even with her thick hips her bum is super firm and tight!

Perhaps the best part of Arianna has nothing to do with her body (or her mind). It has to do with the fact that Arianna is just one of the hundreds of models at MPL Studios!

Members get unlimited access to download hundreds of high definition videos of the world’s most exquisite girls. Right now they are running a Spring sale. You can enjoy daily updates for only $19.95!

Videos can be streamed or downloaded and play on everything from your cell phone (even older models!) to your home theater system!

Time for me to go enjoy the rest of Arianna’s pussy cleft. See you in the members area!

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Posted By admin on 03/01/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


I don’t know if it is just being tired or what, but when I saw this picture of Belicia from ALS Angels the first thought that went through my mind was: Dorothy!

You know… The Wizard of Oz?

I know… I know… I feel perverted as as all hell just thinking about it. Now I am typing about it! Maybe it is the hint of blue in her ponytail holder? The ponytails themselves? Or maybe I spend way too much time masturbating to her character back in the day?

You can see Belicia’s cleft of Venus at ALS Angels and also enjoy many more clefts from the dozens of models there. Members enjoy weekly updates and a huge archive of shaved pussies. The site opened in 1997 so do some quick math…

Times up!

15 fucking years worth of shaved vaginas await you. Go ahead and unleash your sickest desires on these girls. Actually, they already beat you to it by unleashing their sickest desires in their videos!

Most models do many photo shoots and several videos. Some girls do videos together and others show you the many ways they pleasure themselves when no men are available to help them.

There are plenty more cleft of Venus and a lot of pastrami sandwiches too. Take the ALS Angels tour and pick out of few favorites while you are there!

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Posted By admin on 02/19/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


I don’t know how I missed telling you about the Lightspeed Girls. This one is one of my favorites and her name is Dana Lightspeed. Her cleft of Venus is very hungry so expect to see it eating her panties at an alarming rate!

The Lightspeed Sorority opened many years ago with some of the hottest solo models to ever grace the earth. Girls like Jordan Capri and Tawnee Stone made this the ultimate network for girls in panties and plenty of pussy cleft.

Over the years the other girls moved on, but they kept adding hotties like Dana and her friend Ashley Lightspeed. Now there are dozens of sites and you can get access to the entire network with a nominal bonus upgrade. I highly recommend the upgrade because these girls are phenomenal!

I know I got teased by my sister’s friends during her sleepovers and I dreamed of seeing them all having lesbian sex. The Lightspeed network is filled with teen girls having lesbian sex!


The only thing this tub is missing is you, my friend!

When it comes to coeds and the things they will do when there are no guys around this network can get pretty darn kinky!

Take the Dana Lightspeed tour and see why college is a good thing!

Posted By admin on 01/14/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Sometimes your best option for finding a nice cleft of Venus is to leave the picture snapping to somebody else. That is where the good folks at Real Teenie Girls come in. They receive daily submissions from people around the world… These submitters are doing all of the work! All you have to do is sift through the daily updates finding gems like the one above!

Woo Hoo!

I am becoming pretty addicted to these ex-girlfriend sites, but addiction doesn’t always have to have such a bad connotation. I mean, look at it this way… You are going to check out naked babes online. No doubt about it. You aren’t stopping any time soon. But looking at the hot naked babes isn’t the real problem!

The problem is scouring the Internet looking for pics like this all fucking day and night! Time is money. Lost relationship time is painful! Whether it is the relationship you share with a significant other or the one you have with your boss at work. Your obsession on hunting and gathering is smothering other parts of your life!

So grab a password to Real Teenie Girls and let the girls come to you! I used to spend hour, upon hour, searching all over the Internet looking for pics like this and now I am getting off in minutes to an hour. My wife is happy, my kids are happy, my co-workers are happy, its a win-win-win!

Stop the insanity and start finding what you want at Real Teenie Girls!

Posted By admin on 01/10/12 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


Face it. When you go to the beach you are zeroing in on one special part of a girls anatomy. Her cleft of Venus. The girls with a pastrami sandwich down there are obvious by their obscurity. The girls with a nice cleft like Craving Carmen are also obvious because they are the ones with an extreme camel toe!


You have to admit, that is one tight pussy right there!

Craving Carmen didn’t do anything special… She was just lucky enough to be born with the perfect pussy. We are all also lucky – lucky that Carmen has decided to share her nubile cleft with us!

That isn’t the only thing Carmen is sharing though… She isn’t the jealous type so she doesn’t mind sharing some of the attention with her many friends. As a member you get to peruse her friend’s members areas as well!

Some solo model sites restrict you to only viewing web cam shows… Carmen’s friends have those too! But Carmen is also giving you all of their videos and photo sets too!!!

Get more cleft of Venus at Craving Carmen!

Posted By admin on 12/17/11 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus

Ever heard of a site called Night Invasion? Don’t worry, knowing about it isn’t a prerequisite to enjoying the video above. Just wondering, because this site kicks some royal ass!

I am not going to try and say that all of the girls at NightInvasion.com have a cleft of Venus because they most certainly don’t. I will say that the ones that do are fucking out of this world. And so is the premise behind the site.

This guy goes out into the night in the college park he lives near and basically slips into sleeping coed’s dorms. While there he diddles their little pussies and he plays with their perky tits. After getting them wet in their dreams he gives them some salami either in their tight pussy or he feeds it to them so they can slurp down his cum!

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Posted By admin on 12/12/11 - Bookmark Cleft of Venus


There aren’t many girls that can sport a Cleft of Venus even when they are bending over. Craving Carmen was born with some very tiny inner lips so her pussy is pretty much looking like it did on day one.

I have been a member and a fan of CravingCarmen.com for years. She keeps her site updated several times a week and each of the photo sets raises the bar for what you should expect when craving a tight pussy cleft.

Carmen gives you access to her friends as well. Not just their web cams, but their entire sites too!

Now watch her faux-blowjob video below!


Pretty Things
Fuck A Cleft
Nubile Teen Cams
Some guys are into girls with huge tits that look like Frankenstein created them. I am not and if you also are not I suggest small tits girls web cams for free. Take them private and you can suggest all kinds of nasty things for them to do.